Remote Live event Encoding

For webcasts, teleconference and webinars, What's the basic difference?
Webcasts are one-to-many,
Conferences are multi-person sharing,
and Webinars are to-many with responses.

using OnSIP VoIP, H.264/5, Flash, HTML5 and Windows Media Services,
with multi-screen, multi-device delivery.

Live streaming video and webcasting to your CDN or our servers! (including YouTube, Twitch & Facebook Live)

ASA - Energy Valuation Conference

Internet connection sharing of wireless and 4G-LTE cell-data uplinks in a secure facility, integrating Powerpoint and live video, and using redundant video switchers and stream encoders.

Town Hall with Zoom Conference Integration

A multi-camera shoot with remote video interviews through Zoom meetings (with confidence monitors), streamed live to the client's YouTube channel

Cities Changing Diabetes

Live video roundtable, split-screened with PowerPoint. Viewer registration and email Q&A portals.

Science Lecture Series
Space Center Houston

High bitrate delivery to an international theater projection event.

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

National Convention with a Presidential candidate & a Mayoral Plenary, delivered to Youtube TV.

Teleconference and Lync (Skype for Business) collaboration

Multi-site, international, interactive conferencing. Password protection and country code restriction for privacy and classified communications!

Education & Graduation

Streams of assemblies, school boards, sporting events, plays and parent-teacher meetings, also for overflow presentation and serving to deployed families.

Site Monitoring & Construction Progress

Real-time website viewing, with simultaneous time-lapse HD image capture (every 20 sec. ) to a remote (cloud) FTP file storage. A promotional movie was produced upon building completion (approx. 15 months stiched into 11 minutes).

Medical Procedure & Distance Lecture

High resolution streams from a sterile Operating Room, incorporating robotic surgical system video scan-conversion and wireless AV monitoring during the operation.

Corporate Town Hall

Worldwide multicast meetings over secure (server) networks. Phone call-in Q&A and production intercom interfacing with all locations.

Features & Services

With deep roots in both electronic media production and IT,
our integration maximizes your broadcast success.

  • Production Services

    Use your AV system as a source, or we can recommend and provide single to multi-camera crews.

    Video format processing and customized audio communications interfaces.

  • Q & A

    Email and Chat portals. Web response <Form> authentication and data collection. Specialty code work available in Java & PHP.

  • Network Services & Integration

    Assured data-path upload & delivery confirmation prior to the event. A robust connection is essential!

  • Screen Design

    Integration with your assets -- graphics, PowerPoints, Prezi, slides, photos, audio files and videos for playback.

  • Posting

    Recording & archiving of your stream on-site, and uploading to your Content Delivery Network for on-demand playback. Or use our CDN servers.

  • Located Systems

    In-house streaming encoders & delivery/server designs & systems, for private distribution on closed networks.

Our Mission

We're not your ordinary "stock" or "box-house"; we aim to be exceptional!

We've been involved in streaming since 1998, working with Real Broadcast Networks and Microsoft. Our encoders are custom built units, with power and programming designed to maximize the quality, look and performance of your webcast. Live streaming video and webcasting to your CDN or our servers! (including YouTube, Twitch & Facebook Live)

Streamcasters will provide you with the facts and professional services (and courtesy) you need to successfully present your live event, whether its a corporate conference, townhall, tradeshow, press release, concert, sporting event, educational class or training seminar.

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With our main office in Houston, we travel domestically & international.

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