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We know audio and video over the internet may seem complicated, but we will make it easy for you!
So the more we know, the better we can hand you an accurate proposal, tailored to your needs and professionally broadcast.

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1. INTERNET DELIVERY - Will the Event be a:
Stream or Webcast - one-way audio & video out to viewers (Q&A and Chat capable)
Teleconference - audio and video sharing with multiple participants (with screen shares too)
Webinar - one to many with some viewer interaction (Q&A audio, phone-in and Chat capable)
Not Sure...

Remember, for the above services, network access is needed at the location! Please contact the event location's IT staff for their contact info.

Streamcasters can provide a static prosumer camera and a microphone for your project.
Audio and Video feeds will all be provided or is produced in-house (supplied by the Client, we are handed a video feed with embedded sync audio.)

Or, do you require:
Cameras (professional broadcast)

Camera Operators

Lighting (for the on-camera talent)
Wireless mics (lavs & handheld)
Audio System (a mixing board, suitable for connection into your house audio, too)


Staging & Sets (to be built)
Telephone Call In (Phone hybrid interface, for call-ins and audience questions)
Video Projector

On-Screen Images:
Powerpoint (slides) integration
Screen Capture (Presenter's computer)
Chat Integration
Scan Conversion - "peculiar" video sources (medical equipment, etc.)
Video files - you deliver (mpg, wmv, mov, etc.) to us for playback.

Entry Pages:
When we host an event, we supply you with an address which you can email or embed in your webpages.

Or, do you require:
Entry Portal (we build & host an entry page, and you distribute the page address. ex: name)
Form Questionnaire (attendees complete a questionnaire before receiving access to the event stream)
Authentication - password protected access to the event
Pay per View (integrated credit card or PayPal payment)
Country & Link Restrictions (security from referrer linking)

Redundancy (backup equipment for all on-site systems & a UPS)
Remote access to IT networks or services (point to point layer-2 bridge)
Mobile Netwok Access (to the internet): Bonded Cellular or IP broadcast.

Client will use Streamcaster's CDNs (content delivery network)
Client provides their own distribution log in credentials (examples = a CDN, Youtube Channel, Facebook Live.)

Estimated number of simultaneous viewers or participant locations?

Record the Event & deliver to Client (onsite at the event close)
Edit into a Program (offsite, later)

6. ON DEMAND - Archival playback
Client uses Streamcasters' servers to provide monthly playback access to archived video(s).

7. EVENT DATES (include setup days)

8. About your project: (anything else?)

After sending, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you do not receive a confirmation, please re-submit this form or call us anytime- 713.610.0770.