Screen Shots

What our customers are doing...

There are many formatting options and display varieties, but basically we embed your stream link into a branded or customized player or webpage.

Every client and show is different. Please ask for a free demo.

Corporate: Phone-shot of "master control" for a product launch, with pre-recorded interviews, slides, and Q&A call-in and interviews via Zoom from 5 locations to the Client's ShoutCast CDN. (not that long ago, remote interviews were a $20,000 satellite or Vyvx option! - yes, we did them, too)

Corporate: A live camera window (multi camera shoot), with an exploded PowerPoint window, lower-thirds and titles.

Corporate: Phone shot "master control" during a product release rehearsal during "lock-down". A multi camera shoot with multiple switched and projected live PC demos, videos and titles, pushed to the Client's Zoom account.

Religious: Virtual-congregation services. A multi camera shoot - angle. 3 cameras, audio mixing, video playback and graphics.

Corporate: an internal diversity seminar. Multicamera, with lower third titles and mixed audio

Entertainment: "Behind the scene" control-room view of a three camera shoot in the studio below, with video insertion, animated lower thirds and backgrounds, and projected PowerPoint. A remote Director's station receives preview-feeds using Zoom. Intercom tie-ins.