Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Encoding and Serving, etc.

"If six people can avoid a plane trip, a webcast pays for itself"!

Every webcast you stream requires the following services & components, described below:
- Encoding,
- Server Services (live and on-demand), and
- Expenses.

Live streaming video and webcasting to your CDN or our servers! (including YouTube, Twitch & Facebook Live, etc.).
Every project is custom and quoted individually.


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Encoding involves the on-location activity of setting up our encoders at your venue, interfacing with your AV provider or system, interfacing with the IT department to establish solid network connectivity, and sending the encoded data stream to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) server.

Options may include additional engineers and other event services you might want us to provide; including on-location production equipment & personnel (cameras, switchers and operators), a site survey, on-location connectivity performance tests and rehearsals, and web services (on-site email acquisition, forwarding, event Q&A, user authentication and event attendance validation). [a sample services checklist]
Our Project Questionnaire will help us develop your customized proposal.

Base (6 hour day) charge = $1,499 U.S. Includes an operator and equipment; specifically a 3-input video switcher with graphics, a stream encoder with recorder, and all required network interfaces. We show up, hook up to your AV system and internet, and you're on the web! (we'll include a camera and mic if required)
--> PERFECT for production crews - plug in and GO!

Server Services charges ONLY apply if we use OUR Tier 1 backbone-connected CDNs. We do NOT charge to stream to your delivery network, Youtube or Facebook. We INCLUDE service to up to 200 simultaneous live viewers in our base charge (and an address to the stream for you to email or post - that's about 58GB of bandwidth).

Server services are mostly bandwidth expenses; that is, the charge to distribute data bits to your customers. Whether its a live event or the after-event file viewing (on-demand) on streaming servers, these charges may include a set-up fee and are billed monthly, and include a minimum 100 Gigabytes* of data. (Bitrate used depends on stream quality, video format, program length, viewer time and number of viewers).

Minimum bandwidth/data charge = $200 U.S., per event + date overages*. (Using our dedicated delivery network for 720P HD delivery to up to 200 simultaneous viewers for 1.5 hours - that totals about 386GB of bandwidth.)

Expenses include per-diem travel and meals, delivered storage hardware, etc., AND service charges on credit card payments (3.99%). [all "as-&-if" applicable]

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Unless credit has been previously established, all services must be paid for in full before the event begins.
  2. All written and/or electronic quotations submitted by Streamcasters shall be deemed valid and binding for 30 days from the date of submission.
  3. Although we strive for your satisfaction, we cannot be held accountable for the user's network and/or public internet slow-downs, glitches & failures. We will always stress-test your upload connection and provide you with results and recommendations. We locally record your encoded streams whenever possible as a backup.
  4. We will always preview our work live for you at no-charge from our main office in Houston. Site surveys and pre-event setup and tests may be at no-charge locally or if we are at your location. On-location trial-runs & rehearsals are at Encode rates.
  5. In no event is Streamcasters responsible for more than replacement value of unrecorded film, videotape stock, files or any other media. We will hold and store all recordings for no more than sixty days. We do not archive files or any other media unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. The acknowledgement of, and receipt of any and all transferred files is the obligation of the client.

We have been streaming since 1998 (ISDN days) and involved in broadcast audio, film and video production and engineering since the 70's. We didn't just buy a streaming-computer last week! We know what quality is and how to deliver it. When we commit, we KNOW your encodes will work!

Your exceptional experience is our goal. We look forward to you joining our list of satisfied clients, who include the Latin Grammy Awards, Hess, Xilinx, BP, the Human Rights Campaign, Bechtel, Baylor College of Medicine, Citgo, and many others. Based in Houston, Texas, we work all around the world!

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